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How do I get access to the ECE Building and other rooms within the building?

You must be a Student, Faculty, or Staff of ECE to be eligible. Students are required to have an ECE Faculty or Staff as a Sponsor. The Sponsor can either ask Mr. Du Pont for a form or go to the ECE web site and print out a copy (it is in PDF format). The Sponsor will then complete the form as necessary and put the completed form in the TSS Mailbox or bring it to Room 0351. The Sponsor must obtain the "Authorizers" initials, as noted on Page 2, in order to access a particular room or entrance. Please note that the ECE Department charges a $50.00 refundable deposit for building keys and a $20.00 refundable deposit for Carrel Keys. Once Mr. Du Pont has received a properly completed form and processed it then he will e-mail the requester as to when he/she can pick up the key issuance paperwork and/or code.

How do I get access and assignment to a carrel area?

You must be an RA, TA, or Graduate Student. Your ECE Sponsor will initial either Room 0356 or 0556. In the "Other Rooms" section, your ECE Sponsor will write the room number he/she initialed, write the words "Carrel Desk" under "Authorizer", and initial.

What do I do if my sponsor changes and I still need access?

All you need to do is have your new ECE Sponsor send TSS an e-mail ( stating that he/she is replacing your previous ECE Sponsor (provide name of previous ECE Sponsor) and that everything is to remain the same or indicate whatever changes need to be made. However, additional rooms may not be added via an email. To add a room an ECE Access Request Form must be completed.

What do I do if I no longer need access to a particular room or the building?

You need to return your keys to the UA Key Desk in order to get a refund. Refer to the Policies and Procedures included with the form on-line to get more details. Please send an email indicating what room(s) and/or entrances no longer needed to Mr. Du Pont.

What do I do if my key(s) or code does not work?

If your key(s) does not work then return to the UA Key Desk and get a new key. You will need your Catcard and Room Privilege Card. If your code does not work then email Mr. Du Pont with the room number that does not work. He will email you back when it has been resolved.

What do I do if I lose my key(s) or forget my code?

If you forget your code then come to Room 0351 with your Catcard and Room Privilege Card and one of the TSS Personnel will assist you. If you lose your keys then go immediately to Room 0351 and someone will assist you.

Where do I get an “ECE Access Request Form”?

Go to the ECE Main Page Web site or click here.

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